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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Back ya jema3at elrabi3

Greetings fellow bloggers

ما ادري اذا للحين تزورون بلوقي المغبر بس رجعت لكم بعد طول انقطاع بدون اي اسباب او اعذار..
اخر سمستر في الكلية و انشالله راجع الديرة.
شلونكم انتو؟ منو قاعد يمر على هالبلوق المهجور ليلحين؟
To all of you awesome bloggers out there.. Later :)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

count down

till new year's eve? nooo... till I leave the country... my beloved Kuwait.
If you scroll down to my "Home Sweet Home Q8" post and check the date on that.. you'll find out that I have been here for no more than two weeks!! and I have less than a week to go.
I have no problem with going back to the states........... It's just that there are so many things to do and so little time. Also, my blogging mood is never the same when I'm in uncle Sam's... so enshalla will keep in touch as often as possible. I love you all.. (world smallest violin playing in the background here).
3asaha tkon sinat khair 3alaikom ya jema3at el rabi3.... and keep your new year resolutions safe.


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Delicious Marag Bamya

First of all, I feel safe to say that readers discretion is advised due to the unusual contents of this post (needless to say the readings will double because of what I just said).

edarat el blog,

Drugs are administered, as most of you know, via different routes. Some pills are faster absorbed when put under the tounge (sublingual), or you could simply swallow it (oral). You also have your usual needles; to the muscle (muscular), skin (subcutaneous), and veins (intravenous). Did I leave any out? Oh yeah... anal drug administration.
For those of you who don't know what anal means, I'll spare you the googling adventure because that might develope into an addiction that I am not yet ready to be either held responsible or thanked for.
Anal drug administration is basically taking a pill (size of 5 jelly beans fused together) waxed up and shoved up your butty. It's a fact that your rectum (the inside of your bum) has a wall that's thin and rich with blood vessels. Which means the drug is readily absorbed in there (lucky you!).
Here's what parents (guided by the doctor are the ones who take the honor of jamming the pill in your private parts) don't know/feel what goes on in the recievers mind (yours truly).
As a normal growing kid... I get sick often and go through the excruciating experience of visiting the pediatrition and having him stick his fingers down my lungs through my mouth looking for infections (while I end up having a simple cough).
One day I remember in paticular (guess why) I guess I coughed again so.... Usual routine, go to peds, stick hand down to belly button through mouth, prescribe, and leave to pharmacy to pick up meds. I came back home to continue playing my vedio game. After a short while I hear my mom calling me, so I get up to get my load of medications (like I said I know the routine). But here's the shocker.... my mom sitting on the couch holding a relatively big white pill and asking me to take my pants off.
At that time I was too young for cognitive thinking, but I knew at once that there's nothing good about a parent asking you to take your pants off outside the bathroom..... because when they do ask you this... you either have done it on yourself or they just want to make sure you haven't done it on yourself..... ANY little raskle could draw that reasoning. And at that time ladies and gentlemen.. I was pretty sure that I hadn't done ANYTHING on myself, so the reason why my mom wanted me to tke off my pants was well beyond my ability to understand.
Anywho... I trusted my mom a lot (past tense)... so off with my jungle book pants and on my moms lap. She asks me to turn on my belly... here I started to question her by asking "mama ma ra7 akil el 7abba?" she simply said "la 7abeebi hathi tro7 mokan thani"..............
Here, my dear friends..... I realized how screwed I was. Because unless she's going to tape that pill on my back (and who does that?) The pill is going down my dodo hole. My pride and innocence got injured that day as she slowly shoves the pill up my poor tush. 3 seconds felt like.. well 3 seconds, but very very uncomfy 3 seconds for a young kid. It felt like I was violated by a small pill.
"khala9 7asooni we're done"... Done, she said. I got punk'd that day by the closest person to me. I walked away with my butt cheecks clenched and squeezed together so hard I think they fused together for quite a while....... It really hurts.
Physical hurt? No.. more like mental.
I remember not trusting my mom after that for a very long time........ she just regained my trust when she cooked my favourite marag bamya yesterday! :) thanks mom... I'll bury the hatchet. ;*

p.s. It's called "Ta7meela" bil kuwaiti

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Q8.. Home Sweet Home

-As you may have already guessed from reading the topic, I'm back to Kuwait for 3 weeks (20 days remainng).
-Is it just me? or Kuwait is just getting increasingly crowded every year I come back?
-And those crazy taxi drivers AARRGHH!!! I feel like strangling one of them till right before he dies.. then CPR his ass back to life just to start strangliing him again and again!!!
-Unexpected 7asoon behavior... I'm eating less than I have anticipated. No junk food so far (yay?).
-I don't have a car so I'm under the mercy of my friends.
-Enjoying the presence of my family around me... not too crazy about people trying to steal my thunder though.
-No3ik's pointing me to the IT places in Kuwait now that I've been away for a year... she's doing a very good job but feel free to pitch in with your thoughts.
-Who's saw the Bush video? Was hallarious wasn't it? Who knew that the guy's sense of humor could simply be stimulated by a pair of shoes! cheerz GWB!

Thursday, November 06, 2008


I've been contemplating with myself on whether I should go back to blogging, or should I just put this old dusty window to rest.
Well, I decided to blog-on.


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dewaniya.. iya.. iya..

"Dewaniya".. to some people, in Kuwait at least, is where a guy can get some peace of mind and relaxation (not after a couple of Kot bo 6 games with an amature on your team that is). To others (by others I mean mommies and wifies and GFs) it's just the devil's hangout. Anywhoooo.. to me it's a place to which I can attend whenever I want to get in touch with my inner Kuwaiti who thrives off the use of the words "Gazz, Motar, Tarqeem, Motar, Gazz, 3asha, Hardee's".
So I decided to write this post about what assembles a "Dewaniya"; basically both the active and inactive components that are the main ingredients in a successful "Dewaniya".

How can I entertain People @ my Dewaniya, 7asoon?
- a deck of playing cards and a piece of paper "7ag el qaid" for "Kot bo 6". (you might need more than one deck depending on your Dewaniya's expansion).
- 47"+ plasma TV.
- stationed next to your humongous TV is a PS3 console with your Winning eleven game or what's commonly called "el dawry el yabaani".
- no harm if you had a pet cat or parrot in the area... as long as you don't have retards in your Dewaniya (I've seen some animals go thru some serious sh*t yall!)

What about eating arrangements, 7asoon?
- now you might have to invite your friends for the first coupla times.. after you known them for a while and your sure your Dewaniya has been successfully established...... you can let them order from Hardee's or Kaboria.

What kind of people will I be expecting who will plant their roots in my Dewaniya, 7asoon?
- Well, that's a good question. You would have to be ready for all sorts of fiascos going on in your Dewaniya, but you'd expect the following on normal basis:
> "Kot bo 6" players mostly calm until mid game.. you would have to control some small fights and profane language.
> "el dawry el yabaani" players would be of same characteristics as the "Kot.." individuals but the surges of yells and profane language would be less frequent.
> "Cell kissers" are in a corner usually talking quietly on their cell phones. why in your Dewaniya? well maybe to look cool or simpley because their living rooms are too close to their moms' and pops'.
and many more .. but don't be alarmed. You'll do just fine.

Just remember above all this and that... keep an open mind toward the blood shed, furniture damage, and any nakedness (some guys think it's funny to strip the weakest guy in the Dewaniya and just lock him in a room for the rest of the night lol).

... khalik cool o0 etba3 el sha3ir elli ygool "malyaan galbi malyaan.."